Reaching Across the World – Further & Safer

The Satyesh Marine Chemicals project is well connected to road and sea links, thus enabling efficient and cost-effective access to interstate and international destinations. The proximity of the plant to some of India’s largest ports – around 170 km from plant to port – enables us to provide a superfast turnaround time, as well as round-the-year supply, to our clients. In addition to this, our plant also has good connectivity to the neigbouring state highways providing greater access to the hinterland and expanding reach to one of the largest & growing AsiaPacific markets.
In a world of global business connections, it is vital to have a strong, fast and trusted network of delivering high quality products safely across the world.

100 Number of lead lined ISO containers of 8 kl and 6 kl capacity

End to end delivery safety ensured for client satisfaction

Highly Advanced Logistics

Bromine is a unique and hazardous material that requires careful handling and adherence to very stringent standards of transportation. Here too, Satyesh is totally self-reliant in terms of advanced logistic capabilities with an in-house fleet of lead-lined ISO tank containers. The tank containers are manufactured as per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements for physical dimensions and universal features set to carry liquids, hazardous and non-hazardous. Each ISO tank is checked and tested and any ISO tank that does not pass certain tests is sent for repairs or is discarded.
This capability gives us total control over quality and service levels, thus improving productivity, flexibility, and reliability. Most importantly proximity to production optimizes the flow of the supply chain.