Title Instrumentation Technician
Location SBPL Hajipir Site
Job Information

Responsible for instrumentation maintenance of Chemical plant

Key Responsibilities :

• Follow the instructions of engineer for Installing, maintaining, repairing, overhauling and testing a wide variety of industrial instrumentation such as control valves, transmitters, radars, levels, Controlling & regulating level, flow, pressure & temperature meters, laboratory equipment as per standards.
• Maintain mechanical, pneumatic, chemical, electrical and electronic process controls and measurement instrumentation to approved procedures.
• Maintain calibration “Standard Service Procedures” (SSP) documents and database.
• Immediate report to senior for necessary servicing, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and restorative maintenance duties on field instrumentation and local control panels.
• Carry out the corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance inspections of all instrumentation equipment under senior’s guideline.
• Measure voltage, current, resistance and all other electrical parameters as and when required in line with defined procedures.
• Able to Tests electronic components and circuits to locate defects, using signal generators, amp meters, and voltmeters and other measurement equipment as required

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