Vision, Mission And Values


To become one of the leading global marine chemicals manufacturing companies in the world by 2023 through our contributions to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone.


We shall engage ourselves to enhance value for customers by

  • Making best utilization of available resources
  • leveraging customer intimacy, strategic partnerships and technology access
  • Fostering innovation and sustainable solutions for our customers
  • Caring towards environment and climate
  • High employee engagement


  • Orientation – To have focus and build long lasting relationships with its customers
  • Quality – To fulfil utmost customer satisfaction by investing in Quality of our product & service offerings
  • Trust – To develop faithful relationships with all its stakeholders
  • Team Work – To work in a conducive and diverse environment in achieving our goals
  • Meritocracy – To ensure excellence in every activity that we intend to be involved in.
  • Ethics – To uphold business ethics across all verticals & deliver on promises