Supporting Infrastructure


SBPL is setting up 4.9 MW co-generation plant in the plant premises to produce power and steam. We have the privilege to increase the capacity of the Co-generation unit as part of expansion.

We have considered back-up DG sets as an alternate source of power in case of power plant maintenance activity.


SBPL has set-up a 1.5 MLD Desalination Plant. Sea water shall be sourced into large sea water reservoir from where it will be desalinated. RO water produced will be used in Bromine Plant, DM water will be used in Co-generation plant and reject water shall also be used to increase the recovery percentage. RO water will also be used in other equipments such as cooling tower etc. as utilities.


SBPL shall have 3 streams of crude salt washing process having installed capacity of 200 TPH each. Total installed capacity will be 600 TPH. In each stream, there will be 3 stages of washing with different densities (5 deg Be, 17 deg Be and 25 deg Be) of brine in order to remove impurities such as calcium, magnesium ions and other insoluble to meet the desired quality norms.


Road connectivity forms a bridge for transportation and access to the desired locations within the site area. Approximately 510 kilometers of road has to be laid down in the form of approach roads, crystallizer bunds, reservoir bunds, feed channel bunds etc.


We are installing 5 pumping stations to pump in huge volumes of sea water into our site so as to facilitate and produce industrial salt and bromine.