High Quality Focus

We give the highest priority to quality and this commitment to quality in terms of our development and production thus also extends to all associated processes and procedures. Through the installation of modern equipment and implementation of world-class systems across our facility, we support the steady optimization of quality and sustainability to meet the highest international standards. Every Satyesh employee is responsible for the high level of service we deliver to our customers.

Total Safety with Peace of Mind

At Satyesh we have employed highly advanced risk mitigation strategies that enable us to detect and avert any incidence before it occurs. At the same time, we are fully ready to arrest leakage risk, anywhere in rare situations. We also have an international network of knowledge and other resources in place for any emergency response.

Caring for our Employees’ Health

Satyesh is devoted to the highest standards concerning health and safety issues of our people and property. We provide safe workplaces to our employees at every level. At the same time, we ensure our employees’ attention to safety across all aspects of their daily work. Training programs are regularly organized for employees to keep them sharp and active. We also have a dedicated ‘Occupational Health Centre’ in our facility to take care of our employees’ health periodically. We constantly strive to provide a safe work environment by engaging most sophisticated Process Safety Management (PSM) systems in place for preventing process safety incident & loss prevention. A 24×7 ambulance facility is also available in our facility for emergency cases.

Committed to Protecting the Environment

Adhering to the highest environmental safety standards and norms is a challenge that we meet on a daily basis. At Satyesh we are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our activities through our zero-discharge approach and design philosophy. Towards this we utilize state-of-the-art, modern equipment and systems to help us eliminate / minimize air and water pollution.

We are not only adhering to Government laws and regulations but also ensuring that our moral responsibility towards minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment is also achieved.

This year we had celebrated World Environment Day at our site location on 05 JUNE 2021. This year the theme is Eco System Restoration

Particulars Document
Integrated Management System (IMS) Certificate (ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001:2015 & ISO-45001:2018)