Title Electrical Technician (Power Plant & Desalination Plant)
Location SBPL Hajipir Site
Job Information

Responsible For Operation And Maintenance Of Co-Gen And Desalination Electrical Equipment.

Key Responsibilities :

• Follow the instructions of engineer for operation and Maintenance of DG & Electrical Equipment maintenance.
• Tests and repairs all safety circuits in generator and control units
• Maintenance of HT line time to time and maintain records of Shift Activities.
• Collect and maintain the Electrical parameter of running auxiliaries.
• During process operation ensure availability of stand by equipment and power sources.
• Monitoring tools and running equipment for ready to use and verify the availability of necessary tools and PPEs to work.
• Verify live work permit and ensure Electrical Isolation.
• Report to engineer for any kind of electrical side abnormality in site.
• Responsible to follow the instruction all Safety guidelines, safety permit process and wear PPE.
• Report on time the ground status to engineer for coordination & requirements.
• Responsible for maintain the material stocks and material availability.

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