A Project of Staggering Proportions

The Satyesh Mega Greenfield Marine Chemical Project is ideally located across a vast 147 sq. km. area amidst the GRK region. This location along with our highly efficient plant, world-class technology, modern manufacturing practices & processes, gives us the edge to be leaders in the Marine Chemicals sector.
P H A S E 1
Top-of-the-line Production & Technology

3.0 Million MTPA


21,000 MTPA

The Satyesh plant is a technological marvel with world-class, proven technology like:

  • State-of-the-art bromine manufacturing plant with proven German technology
  • De Dietrich Process Systems from GmbH Germany
  • QVF® Borosilicate glass and De Dietrich® glass-lined steel
  • Siemens DCS Systems
  • Power generation plant by TDPL Germany
  • ISO containers by JL Gosler, Germany
  • Highly automated plant with minimal human intervention
  • Ultra-modern lab with world-class equipment
  • Zero discharge plant
A seamless functioning of unit operations and unit processes enables us to achieve the right quantity and right quality of our products to meet customer demands in quick time.

18 months

completion time of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of Project across 15,000 Ha

510 Km

of approach roads and bunds infrastructure

3,50,000 m3

of total concrete used

3,500 MT

of Reinforcement steel

80 Km

of electrical cables

50 Km

of instrument cables

Epitome of Self-reliance

Desalination Unit

Satyesh has a 1.5 MLD desalination unit whereby seawater is sourced into large a reservoir from where it is desalinated. RO water produced from here is used in the Bromine Plant, and is used in the co-generation plant as well. The reject water is also used to increase the recovery percentage. RO water is also used in other equipment such as cooling towers etc. as utilities.

Captive Co-Gen Unit

Satyesh has setup a 4.9 MW co-generation plant in the plant premises to produce power and steam. We also have the ability to increase the capacity of the Co-generation unit as part of our expansion plans and also have backup DG sets as an alternate source of power during maintenance activity.

Washery Plants

The unit has 2 streams of crude salt washing process with a total installed capacity of 400 TPH each. Each stream has stages of washing with different densities (5 deg. Be, 17 deg. Be and 25 deg. Be) in order to remove impurities such as calcium, magnesium ions and other insoluble materials to meet the highest quality norms.

Pumping Stations

We also have 3 pumping stations to pump huge volumes of seawater into our site, so as to facilitate and produce larger quantities of industrial salt and bromine.