Industrial Salt


Salt is one of the most important mineral in the world. It has a wide range of application in the chemical and food processing industry. It is also used as a major de-icing agent for the maintenance of roads during winter.

Industries manufacturing caustic soda and soda ash using chlor-alkali process are the biggest consumer of industrial salt. Other major industrial applications include petroleum refining, petro chemical industry, organic synthesis industry, glass production, and road de-icing & water treatment.

Sea water is an inexhaustible and the largest source of salt production. Solar evaporation, rock mining, and vacuum evaporation are some of the methods used for the production of industrial salts.

SBPL has envisaged solar evaporation of brine available in Greater RANN of Kutch. The production process includes pumping of subsoil brine from reservoir to salt crystallizing ponds. Due to atmospheric heat and solar evaporation raw salt is produced in crystallizers within 40 to 45 days. Raw salt is then harvested manually or by machines and subsequently washed with concentrated salt water. The rigorous process helps produce salts that meet all international standards.

Country wise Production Data ( All values in MTPA )

Existing global demand of industrial salt has been augmented to 266 million TPA in 2015, with a CAGR of about 2% in the past 12 years. Some of the major salt producing countries are China, USA, India, Canada, Germany and Australia. With around 20.31 million MTPA salt produced in India in the past 5 years, country’s contribution in the Asia-Pacific Market is about 12%.

With the rapid expansion of chlor-alkali chemical industries, de-icing & water treatment the global demand-supply gap of industrial salt is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 2-3% in the next 10 years.

SBPL has targeted 100% export of its industrial salt production to Asia Pacific Market like China, Australia, Korea and Japan with the production capacity of 4.5 million TPA of Industrial Salt.

Market Share of Salt Producing Countries in Asia Pacific Region

Sectoral end-use Application of Salt

Proportion of Salt Producing Source