About us

Deep understanding and expertise in Marine Chemicals

We believe it’s important to always stay undaunted and discover an ocean of potentialities in everything. What comes to mind when you think of the Greater Rann of Kutch (GRK) region? A land rich in natural beauty, but not strong in business opportunities. Satyesh Brinechem saw otherwise, assessing GRK rightly as nature’s chosen landscape. For it’s rich in Marine Chemicals offering amongst the highest concentration of Bromine, second to the Dead Sea. For us, it is not about going with the flow as much it is about turning the tide. Satyesh Brinechem remarkably converted a 147 sq. km. of allocated land parcel into a mega Green Field Marine chemical project, aided by a 110 million USD investment.
Our approach to business amplifies the present, but it fortifies the future too. Satyesh Brinechem’s production unit is sustainably producing Industrial Salt and Liquid Bromine at 3.0 million MTPA and 21,000 MTPA respectively. But, it has the wherewithal to ramp up and expand production up to 4.5 million MTPA for Industrial Salt. The project has all necessary statutory clearances and approvals and operates sustainably in harmony with all the environmental rules and regulations. The project ensures zero discharge, thus making it possible that the ecosystem is unharmed and all natural resources are utilised optimally. Leadership, as we believe at Satyesh Brinechem, is not solely about being ahead of the rest. It is, however, about being ahead of the curve while simultaneously walking and guiding everybody we associate with and everybody whose life we touch with our range of products.
Today, Satyesh Brinechem is recognized as one of the largest producers of world-class marine chemicals. Moreover, completion of the project in a mere 18 months is a testament to our foresight, technical excellence and advanced engineering and we are poised to take a giant leap towards a more dynamic tomorrow.
We are delivering marine chemicals that meet customer needs across a diverse range of end segments like – Flame retardants, Agrochemicals, Oil Exploration, Dyestuff, Mercury Abatement, Pharmaceutical, PTA Synthesis and Rubber.
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3 million MTPA Industrial Salt


MTPA Bromine


A Visionary Journey of Foresight

The future is shaped by those who lead with a vision. Behind this visionary leap in the marine chemical domain is nearly 100 years of leadership history and expertise. Satyesh is the flagship venture of the highly dynamic, diverse & financially strong Sandesh Group. Established in 1923, Sandesh is a pioneering group in Gujarat and was the first media house listed on the stock exchange in India. For nearly a century, the Sandesh Group has been ushering change with its powerful presence across the media spectrum including print, broadcast, digital, activations and outdoor solutions. Sandesh has always been a business group that believes in playing a long-term game. Our venture into the production of marine chemicals through Satyesh, comes with the sole aim of leveraging our leadership position and becoming a global leader in the production of Industrial Salt and Bromine.
As a venture of the Sandesh Group, Satyesh has a rich pedigree of operational and technological excellence and is a debt free company with no borrowings.
The world’s oceans don’t just nurture marine life; they also provide vital marine chemicals that enhance life across the planet. One company is tapping this ocean of possibilities and powering the chemistry of innovation.


To become one of the leading global marine chemicals manufacturing companies in the world through our contributions to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone.


Engaging ourselves to enhance value for customers by:
  • Optimal utilisation of available resources
  • Leveraging customer relationships, strategic partnerships and technology access
  • Fostering innovation and sustainable solutions for our customers
  • Caring towards environment and climate
  • Ensuring high employee engagement

Value System

A Competitive Spirit, Led By Values

Actively shaping the future and mastering challenges requires a solid grounding of values. Even as we at Satyesh are highly ambitious and competitive, we are guided by our principles and rooted in a strong set of values.

Strategic Location

At the Heart of a Geographical Miracle

The Greater Rann of Kutch (GRK) area offers ideal conditions for Salt and Bromine production. The continual access to seawater here provides an inexhaustible and one of the largest sources of salt. GRK also offers the ideal soil and topography conditions. A large area of impervious soil (lower seepage) along the coastal region, high temperature, low humidity and high wind velocity, all aid in the evaporation and accumulation of salt and other marine chemicals. Most importantly, the bowl-shaped nature of the land aids in the retention of brine. In addition to this, the strategic asset location of the project allows a first access advantage to sub-soil brine with the option to source brine from inundation of water in the GRK area and from seawater. This gives us the availability of high concentrated sub-soil brine, resulting in a higher production cycle and low cost of production.
The location offers ease of access to all the major raw materials required for production, including brine, chlorine, caustic soda and sulphuric acid with all of them available in proximity to the plant.

Express Global Reach

The strategic location of the project close to road and sea links allows efficient and cost-effective access to interstate and international destinations. The proximity of the plant to some of India’s largest ports – 170 km from plant to port – enables us to provide a superfast turnaround time, as well as round-the-year supply, to our clients. In addition to this, the asset also has good connectivity to neighbouring state highways, providing greater access to the hinterland and enabling access to one of the largest & growing Asia-Pacific markets.


A Visionary Team

Satyesh is led by a highly qualified and experienced team of technocrats, industrialists & business leaders. Each of them has a long history of leading from the front in a constantly changing economic and industrial environment. Together they are steering the company towards a bright future of sustainable profitability and worldwide growth.

Parthiv Patel

Managing Director (MD)
  • Graduate in Business Finance from UK and an expert in Management & Controls
  • Rich experience in the field of management of Media, Investments, Finance, Treasury and General administrative functions
  • Track record of successfully executing new projects within the Sandesh Group

Mansukh Mavani

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chemical Engineer (Gold Medalist) from DDIT Gujarat with over 30 years of experience in the Chemical Industry
  • Instrumental in setting up and capacity enhancement of various projects in Solaris Chemtech and SRF ltd
  • Hands-on experience in Rann of Kutch area and manufacturing of marine chemicals like Bromine & Bromine Derivatives, Soda Ash and Specialty Chemicals.

Sudhir Chandalia

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • Over 30 years of experience in Business Strategy, Finance, Taxation, Internal Controls and Information Technology.
  • Worked earlier with Kalpataru Power, Torrent Power, Atul and Indian Steel Corporation.

Himanshu Doshi

Vice President (Marketing)
  • Chemical Engineer from MSU Baroda and MBA in Marketing from IGNOU.
  • Around 30 years’ experience in Marketing of both Speciality and Bulk chemicals.
  • Previously worked with GSFC, NIRMA, ATUL & GFL. Also worked overseas and travelled extensively to 19 countries globally.
  • Expert in Strategic marketing and New Business Development.